What do you need?

Organizational development

To change the world, we need organizations with strategic plans, effective management, and sustainable and supportive workplace practices. Let's talk about how to grow your organization and rally everyone around wins that matter.

Workshops & curriculum

Your people are amazing. Whether it's a one-day workshop on effective meetings, or a 6-week series on social change, together we can build an exciting, personal, and effective program rooted in the methods of Popular Education.


If you're looking for someone to digest a pile of documents and the endless number of things you do each day into funding applications and other written materials that are clear, results-oriented, and with the right hint of personality, let's talk.

Photography & design

I'm also available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and your next print design project. Seriously. If you'd like to see my separate creative portfolio and learn more about working together to capture your wedding or event, click here.

My approach

Let's get coffee.

As a community organizer by training, I believe everything starts with our relationship. If you want to work together, I’ll suggest we sit down for 45 minutes, share our stories, talk about what’s exciting about your work, what’s frustrating, and where you want to go. Then we get to work on the specific project. I’m a consultant, too – we don’t always have the luxury of a coffee date. A phone call or even email exchange may suffice, but the focus on the big picture remains the same.

I start from your experience.

I believe in the strength of your team and of your work. I'm more likely to be facilitating a conversation or activity for you than holding a long lecture. Whatever the context, I’ll use my expertise to help you build your own internal capacity while offering strategic guidance on the way forward.

I take pride in the details.

We’re partners, but I’m here to make things easier for you: I aim to be over-prepared, ahead of schedule, and personal but direct in my communication. I don’t use prefab pricing packages or complex intellectual frameworks in my work. I get to know you and your organization, the problems you want solved, and we design a project that fits you, uniquely.

Drop a line, don't be shy!

I'd love to talk about your next project or event. Drop me an email: stm at stevetm dot com.